#3 – Info Desk

So, this is one of the more memorable stories from last semester from last semester. This guy managed to poker face whenever he was within roughly 20 ft. of us. Outside of that, he was a flaming ball of outrage. I personally attribute this to the mysical powers of the Happy Atom. At least he asked a coherent question though: that alone is better than most of our stories from the heathen table…


Consider the following:

These stories are (thankfully) all in the stark minority of the interactions we have with people. Most people ask very good questions, and we always try to provide the best and most informative answers we can. The particular rare cases that will be chronicled here are more-or-less beyond reason. They are the victims of the very misconceptions we are fighting to eliminate. In the 2 years the table has been running, the stories have begun to dwindle as of late. I personally see this as an excellent sign for the future. Even in the Deep South, our group has managed to gain widespread acceptance by the general student population. That, my most excellent heatheny friends, is progress.

Heretastically yours,

Gordon Maples


About Gordon Maples

Writer of the Misan[trope]y Movie Blog and the (Plot)opsy Podcast. A bad movie expert, if there ever was such a thing. Movie nerd, professional organizer, and political progressive.
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