Texas, Hats, and a Photodump.

So, I might as well start this off on a kewl announcement: I’ll be attending the Texas Freethought Convention this October in Houston. I’ll be out there with some other SSA personages to participate in the student leadership track for the conference. Of course, this means I have another daunting project ahead of me: Hatty Atom II: Happy goes West.

Now, I feel almost obligated to heathenize a cowboy hat for this event. What could possibly be more fitting?

Now, I first need to find a cowboy hat that A) fits my head and B) won’t leave my wallet lamentably empty. So far, there’s been no luck on those fronts (had the same problem with Pope Hats). The cheapest alternative for themed head-wear is pretty obvious:

But really, that isn’t nearly happy enough for my tastes. Just look at this magnificent creature:

No comparison, if you ask me. Overjoyed radiance beats out cookware every time.

Worst case scenario, I’ll break out Hatty Atom Mark I. But I’m going to do my damnedest to make that cowboy hat a reality. Either way, my goal for this conference is to find as many speakers as possible and photograph them in the hat. Prime target: Dawkins.


To make up for my lack of posts over the last couple of days (I unplugged myself from the matrix temporarily), and to make up for what will likely be a week of severely limited internet connectivity (o_o),  here’s a photodump of some crazy shit.

^this is less than a mile from my place in Northport. I suppose they know their demographic, at least. The whole “Thou shall not kill” thing is taken pretty liberally I assume.

^This pretty much encapsulates the average Alabamian. This is the famous and idolized University of Alabama football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant, depicted holding the Ten Commandments. This is apparently in a BBQ joint near Troy, Alabama. I still can’t get over the absurdity of this thing.

^This is from my favorite little fundamentalist truck stop/McDonald’s in Warrior, Alabama. This place is just filled with this kind of stuff. I would have taken more pictures, but I was getting a bit of a death glare from the cashier as I was on the brink of bursting out with laughter. I also wanted to make sure my car hadn’t been keyed (American Atheist bumper sticker tends to attract attention)…

This gem is on I-65 North somewhere south of Birmingham. It has been up for more than a few decades and is personally one of my favorite state landmarks.  It is just so very charming. I just wish that the devil’s arms were somehow motorized so that he can swing the scythe around. Either that, or they could light it up like an old fast food sign to make it look like the scythe goes up and down. I have the strangest feeling, however, that the folks behind this sign aren’t big into technology.

And that brings us to this gem: A PBR ad which I have been referring to as the “Hipster Dino-Christ.” Good show, PBR. Good show.


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