College Films! Zombie Jesus! FARST!

I participated in two short films last week as a part of Campus Moviefest. One of them is frankly a pretty awesome post-apocalyptic shindig. The other one is a musical in which I play Zombie Jesus. Check ’em out.

Also, check out the film I worked on last year:

All three of these projects I did alongside one of my good buddies and fellow AAA officer, Forrest (pronounced “FARST”) Williams. They were all quite great fun to work on.

Artist's depiction of "Farst" Williams

Artist's depiction of "Farst" Williams

I’ll be back in the next few days with a quasi-substantial post or two. I have a few projects ongoing and balls a-rolling, so I’ll be gasping for procrastination. Also, I’ll have the most recent King Heathen’s Table episodes up on the blog soon. Feel free to let me know if there’s something specific you want us to ramble about!

-King Heathen


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