The new SSA logo

I’ve been saying I am going to do a blog about this for months, so here it is. My impression of the new SSA logo.

I like it. I particularly like the blue accent trim that accompanies it, although it isn’t pictured here. I like the thinner font, I like the swoops (refreshingly like toothpaste), I like the lack of shadowing…I just like it. It looks more like a modern logo and less like monochromatic caution tape. It has managed to crawl out of the design gutter without losing the identifiable nature of the previous logo.

Not bad. Befitting of one of my favorite organizations in the known universe.

I still hope whoever takes over AAA  after me doesn’t plaster it on a houndstooth background as a new logo. That is the stuff of nightmares.

Oh delicious baby Jesus no!

Oh delicious baby Jesus no!


About Gordon Maples

Writer of the Misan[trope]y Movie Blog and the (Plot)opsy Podcast. A bad movie expert, if there ever was such a thing. Movie nerd, professional organizer, and political progressive.
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4 Responses to The new SSA logo

  1. Derek Harde says:

    Actually, the logo, while an improvement, is amateurish at best. It’s not easy to read and has no graphical elements that make it interesting. It was designed by a committee of non-designers and it shows.

  2. Evan Clark says:

    Thank Gordon. We love the support!

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