Pressing Matters

I suppose absence makes the heart grow fonder.

In our day off of fundraising for the week, AAA’s fundraiser has been featured in the school paper (The Crimson White), The Christian Post, and looks like it may break into the blogoshpere.

This seems to be a decent start in bridging a huge divide, though I hope the churches don’t run them out. I bet they get blasted by conversion attempt after conversion attempt to save their “souls”. But, more importantly, I hope they raise enough funds to help those in need. Being good without god, for goodness sake, in religious territory. Good move.


Crackpot Chronicle


Alabama Atheists and Agnostics of the University of Alabama is holding the “Send An Atheist to Church” fundraiser this week in order to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.


Christian Post


“It’s not just the faithful that can give and help their communities,” Weathers said. “Sending our members to church may help dispel a churchgoer’s idea, if they have it, that nontheists are somehow different than they are. We are all still people and sending ourselves to church will help bring that message home.”


Crimson White

You can check out each of those stories through the links.We’ll pick up the table tomorrow and finish it out on Friday, hopefully with a larger draw thanks to the buzz.


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