Reason Rally and South Park

I’m just a few hours away now from departing for the Reason Rally. I am highly optimistic as to how the event will go down, and most extremely pumped.

Anyway, the whole lead up to the Reason Rally reminds me quite vividly of something in particular: the South Park episode “Go God Go”, which lampooned organized atheism. Specifically, it reamed the movement for the many grudges held over semantic variation in identification. Personally, I feel like they hit the nail on the head with that one.

Or at least they did.

The fact that the Reason Rally is being co-hosted by so many different organizations gives me hope that the future will not hold so much animosity. The various groups can exist and go about their various methodologies, but they can come together when the need arises. Maybe that is too much to hope for based on this one event, but I feel like this is at least a stepping stone towards progress as a movement as a whole.

Screw the sea otters though. Those bastards are not invited.

Pictured: Bastard

In other news, AAA’s “Send an Atheist to Church” continues to roll along, with the grand total now over $430 over three days. Looks like we will be going to church for quite some time to come.

I’ll be back in a few days with a Reason Rally wrap-up, but until then I will mostly be on a bus. Have a good one, Heathens!


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Writer of the Misan[trope]y Movie Blog and the (Plot)opsy Podcast. A bad movie expert, if there ever was such a thing. Movie nerd, professional organizer, and political progressive.
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