Truck Stop Gospel

On the way to the Reason Rally, my bus made a stop somewhere in Virginia. The truck stop was for the most part unlike any other, and I took no specific note of it. Until, of course, I laid my eyes upon the Holy Grail.

Sitting outside the restrooms was a display bin that was packed to the brim with free sermons on cassette tape. I decided to pick up a few, listen to them, and write up a review or two. First I need to build a time machine to get a tape player. That should only take so long, right?

Anyway, here are the tapes in question:

I can’t wait for the 90th Birthday sermon.

So I decided to look this fellows up, and the website does not disappoint:

"Yes, this is the perfect top image for our organization"

I’m going to give these a listen in the next few days, and post about my general thoughts on them. I’m holding out hope for some entertainment value at the very least. Then again, I suppose you get what you pay for.


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Writer of the Misan[trope]y Movie Blog and the (Plot)opsy Podcast. A bad movie expert, if there ever was such a thing. Movie nerd, professional organizer, and political progressive.
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