They love the Governor…

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley came through town to speak to a University of Alabama campus group a couple of days ago. Given his track record, I was thoroughly unsurprised to hear about the content of the event. Here are some highlights from the Crimson White article:

Bentley said it’s hard for him to separate his personal beliefs. He accepted Jesus Christ as the savior of his life when he was nine years old and believed he should give his life to Christ…

(Referring to becoming a Medical Doctor) “God opened those doors,” he said. “He allowed me take care of people and care about people.”

Bentley said he knows God is always in control of his life. He said he likes to live his life in a way that glorifies God.

“God put us in the position that we are in,” Bentley said. “I truly believe that I have been put here as governor of the state of Alabama at this time.”

Bentley told the crowd to live by faith every day, and said that their faith in God would lead their lives in the right direction. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen,” he said, quoting the book of Hebrews.

So, to put that in perspective, the sitting Governor of Alabama was hosted on campus to preach to a group of students. This guy just baffles me to no end. It is fine that he is a faithful person, but to do this sort of thing while in office? Not to mention that he did this in spite of his track record with non-Christians (which is again, not good).  This is the kind of thing I could see a  former governor doing. But as a sitting governor of the state, an individual chosen to represent all of the people who reside here? He should really hold off on the sermons until after he is out of office.

I was called after the event concluded to comment for the article. This was before I had all of the details, apart from a general outline of the event:

Gordon Maples, president of Alabama Atheists and Agnostics, said he was not surprised Bentley spoke at the University.

“I do wish he would acknowledge the large community of non-theists in the state of Alabama, but he typically doesn’t do it,” he said. “He rides the line as far as whether he is using this position to directly insert his religious belief.

“He’s definitely riding a very fine line. There’s no problem in someone who holds a public office to talk about their personal belief as long as it doesn’t become part of his position or try to enforce those beliefs on his constituents.”

Now that I have read his quotes, I can’t help but feel a little disturbed by this bit:

“He (God) allowed me take care of people and care about people.”

Is he really saying that he wouldn’t care about people if not for his faith in god? Because I see that as just a tad horrifying.

Man, would I love to have a chat with Gov. Bentley. Just a little sit-down sort of thing. I think there is as likely a chance of that happening as of me becoming a professional zeppelin captain, though. Oh well, I would have loved that zeppelin.

I would feed it and water it and everything

That’s all I’ve got for today, heathens. Have a good one!

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