Glenn Beck <3's Correlations

Earlier tonight, I was reading about Glenn Beck’s coverage of the Reason Rally when I saw this:

"Beck and Hallowell compared the new, official Atheist symbol and the original Anarchist symbols. Bear a resemblance?" (original caption)

…yeah. Apparently I wasn’t the only one to catch it. Here’s what Hemant said about it over on The Friendly Atheist:

“Look at the official (?!?) atheist symbol! It resembles the anarchy symbol!

I didn’t even know we had an official symbol. Maybe that’s because we don’t. In any case, I’m shocked that two versions of the letter A look kind of similar. SHOCKED, I TELL YOU!”

Here’s a few things on that:

1) there are a number of “Atheist symbols”, none of which are official to all of atheism and of which that is not even the most popular one in my experience.

Oh look, there's a few of them

2) The symbol for anarchism: here’s a google image search for “anarchy symbol”

Notice something interesting here? The most popular version of the anarchy symbol by far includes a continuing crossbar on the “A”, beyond the boundaries of the circle. I didn’t even recognize the apparent “official” version (there must be an irony there), because that isn’t the insignia in the public consciousness. So, what we have now is that one of the atheist symbols looks slightly similar to an archaic symbol for anarchism.

3) What would it even mean if it were true? Did some secret council of super-atheists design the “official symbol” in an attempt to subliminally hypnotize the fraction of the 15 percent of Atheists in the American population that they have organized (and can barely keep banded together as is) to tear down the American government system that is the only thing guaranteeing our freedoms in a country where we are vastly outnumbered by the religious? REALLY? IS THAT IT? DOES THAT MAKE SENSE TO PEOPLE?

4) Last point, and the most obvious one: the logic here is bizarre. Both logos are A’s, as Hemant said. Just because two logos incorporate an “A” does not imply a connection, apart from a mostly common set of characters. By that initial logic, look at all of the other organizations in on the conspiracy:

doubly involved

20+ Logo Design Tutorials

How far down does the rabbit hole go, Glenn? How far?

Because I love being able to link this


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