George Takei recently posted the follwing image on his facebook page, titled “Gay Test.”

I’ve always found these things to be outstandingly stupid, personally. However, I would like to share with you all what I saw in this image, courtesy (as always) of MS Paint. I invite you to make your own conclusions based on this result.

*A ninja preparing to do battle with Keanu Reeves in The Matrix

According to this test, I must assume that I am subconsciously a Ninjasexual.

Honestly, I can’t complain with that.

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Writer of the Misan[trope]y Movie Blog and the (Plot)opsy Podcast. A bad movie expert, if there ever was such a thing. Movie nerd, professional organizer, and political progressive.
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4 Responses to Ninjasexuality

  1. So, is a ninjasexual someone who has sex with ninjas (ninja-sexual) or someone who completely abstains from sex, and also happens to be a ninja (ninj-asexual)?

  2. Does this “test” only apply to men, then? I think my mind avoids having to see topless female bodies. Actually, wouldn’t it make more sense if you called it a “what sex are you attracted to” test? Because a straight woman has just about the same motivation as a gay man to see this picture as people dancing/ninjas fighting/a person wearing pants pushing a person wearing a skirt. I’m clearly over-thinking this. I’ll just stop here and agree with your “outstandingly stupid” comment.

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