The King Heathen

I am Gordon Maples, otherwise occasionally known as King Heathen. I am an atheist activist and organizer in the Heart of Dixie and possibly the physical embodiment of the better parts of the internet. I am the soon-to-graduate President of the University of Alabama’s finest secular student group: Alabama Atheists and Agnostics. I last year additionally founded a now-thriving umbrella group, SECAA (Southeastern Collegiate Atheist Alliance), who’s goal is to unite the top secular student leaders in the Southeastern US in order to aid new student groups through the counsel of veteran leadership and to help form a cohesive community between neighboring secular groups in the South. I feel that the secular movement has to be built and reinforced from the ground up, so I’m doing my part to keep my eyes peeled for the “little guys” in my region who so easily go unnoticed. I like to think that I’m helping to strengthen the Heathen Network, one conversation at a time.

This is my blog, which started as a really bad web comic to tell the many tales of the Alabama Atheists and Agnostics “Ask An Atheist” table. Now, it has degraded to an occasionally rambling hodgepodge of monumental heathendom, bad MS Paint, full frontal nerdity, and the occasional serious current events post. I am confident in saying that this blog is quite…unique…when compared to other works in the atheist blogosphere. I try to keep it updated to the best of my abilities, and I do hope you enjoy!

I have had the honor and privilege to speak at atheist conferences every now and then, which is really cool for me because I like talking; especially to atheists in all shapes, sizes, and quantities. I was also recently hired by the Secular Student Alliance as a Campus Organizer specified for the Southeastern Region, and have started writing more serious material than you will find here over at

If you want to contact me for whatever reason, you can reach me at

The opinions I express on this blog are strictly my own, and are not necessarily in line with those of any group or party that i have been or are currently associated with.

There is some other guy who also goes by King Heathen on youtube. I am not that guy, and was unaware of his work when the name was coined for me. Unless he wishes to have an internet duel of Kings, I’m cool with our current stalemate of mutual ignorance.

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